Encouraging Future STEM Leaders: Ball Corporation’s Commitment to Colorado FIRST

Colorado FIRST’s success is built on the generous support of sponsors and volunteers who help ignite passion and interest in STEM education and innovation. We’re excited to spotlight the dedicated supporters and their unwavering commitment and visionary contributions. Stay tuned each month as we showcase a new sponsor integral to the thriving success of our organization.

Ball Corporation is a global producer of aluminum packaging, specializing in cans, cups, and bottles crafted from infinitely recyclable aluminum. Alongside its expertise in aluminum manufacturing,  the company is also a force within the aerospace industry through its renowned division, Ball Aerospace, headquartered in Colorado. Across the globe, Ball employs over 21,000 employees, with over 9,000 located in Colorado.

Supporting the Next Generation of Innovators

For over a decade, Ball has sponsored Colorado FIRST, driving STEM engagement within Colorado. Ball believes in nurturing the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators, and this partnership has been instrumental in advancing robotics innovation and collaboration across numerous Colorado schools.

A Commitment to Volunteering

Ball’s dedication goes beyond sponsorship. Over 60 employees have volunteered their time, collectively logging over 9,000 hours supporting Colorado FIRST initiatives. These passionate individuals serve as mentors, team captains, and staunch advocates for STEM education, amplifying the impact of the collaboration.

Expanding Horizons

In 2022, Ball’s partnership with FIRST Robotics extended nationwide, encompassing teams in Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Missouri, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. This expansion marks a significant milestone, building upon a decade-long impactful collaboration with Colorado FIRST.

Looking Ahead

The Ball and Colorado FIRST partnership continues to evolve and thrive. Together, we are committed to fostering innovation, empowering the STEM community, and investing in the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you to Ball Corporation for being an integral part of our mission to inspire and shape the future of STEM education!

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