Colorado FIRST License Plate Petition

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Colorado FIRST License Plate Petition
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The introduction of Colorado’s FIRST STEM & Robotics license plate holds the potential to impact a wide range of individuals and communities. At its core, this initiative aims to celebrate and support the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and benefit FIRST robotics, providing a platform for students to showcase their passion and love for robotics. This license plate isn’t just a piece of metal; it represents a commitment to education, innovation, and a brighter future. The impact of this initiative extends beyond the immediate beneficiaries to influence the broader community, making it a significant endeavor for Colorado.

Colorado License Plate

What’s at stake here is the opportunity to bolster STEM and robotics education in Colorado. The license plate program can serve as a valuable source of funding for educational initiatives, scholarships, and STEM-related projects. By embracing this initiative, Coloradoans can help ensure that the next generation has the resources and inspiration needed to excel in these critical fields. Furthermore, this program can contribute to fostering a culture of innovation and technology in the state, giving Colorado the benefit of more STEM.

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Artwork Design Request
We are accepting submissions for artwork for the License plate! see the artwork "rules" below and submit your application before March 15, 2024. We will put the submissions out for display at the Colorado Regional.

If selected all images must be made available as vector files, and all property rights to the artwork are Colorado FIRST’s.  Please use AI as a creative tool, but all artwork must be hand drawn.

  1. (Sky) Choose Color Design
  2. (Logo) Logo must by supplied in a picture type electronic format an permission letter must be completed by logo owner.  Placement of logo can not change
  3. (Tag Line) – this has already been submitted for approval – it is “CO FIRST Robotics
  4. (Pin Line) – Choose Color
  5. (Bottom) Choose Color

A. (COLORADO) – Graphic Standard – Size, placement, font color etc cannot be changed.

B. (Mountains) Graphic Standard – Mountains and Shading cannot be changed

C. (Plate Numbers) – Can not be changed

D. (Mounting Holes) – Cannot be changed

Colorado FIRST Logo

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