Supporting Tomorrow’s Innovators: Hudson River Trading and Colorado FIRST

Born out of a commitment to leveraging the power of technology in financial markets, Hudson River Trading (HRT) has become a global leader in the world of automated trading. HRT’s developers, engineers, and programmers collaborate seamlessly to build sophisticated models and systems that enable automated trading decisions. HRT’s approach to trading pushes the boundaries of what is possible at the intersection of finance, technology, and mathematics.

Sponsoring STEM Education

HRT’s commitment to innovation extends into the broader landscape of education and community outreach. HRT is a proud sponsor of Colorado FIRST® and its efforts to support the next generation of innovators. With this sponsorship, they hope to create a ripple effect of positive change in the educational landscape and support a more equitable industry.

Celebrating Curiosity

Colorado FIRST’s mission aligns seamlessly with HRT’s vision for a future where curiosity is celebrated, technology is embraced, and problem-solving is viewed as an exciting endeavor. The organization’s efforts to provide students with opportunities to explore STEM fields, tinker with technology, and solve intriguing problems resonates deeply with HRT’s values.

As HRT continues to grow within the dynamic landscape of quantitative trading, it remains steadfast in its commitment to contribute meaningfully to the communities it serves. Through partnerships like the one with Colorado FIRST, HRT aims to ensure that opportunities to participate in technological advancement endure for future generations.

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