FIRST® Robotics Competition

Kendrick Castillo Memorial Tournament (KCMT)

Mark your Calendar! Mark your calendar for October 14th & 15th (load in 13th)

Registration is open and can be accessed HERE

  • Registration amount is $600 ($200 2nd robot) 
  • If your team is in need of financial assistance please fill out this request form here. We have a grant that we can use to help your team out with registration. There is a limit of 5 that are available.
  • If you have already registered and would like to register a 2nd robot only, go to THIS page and selected the register a 2nd robot.

Event details

  • Official field for the 2023 Charged Up FRC game
  • 2nd robots – we will accept up to 10 2nd robots from teams.
  • 2nd robots will only be allowed to play in eliminations after all primary robots/teams have been selected.
  • For eliminations, teams may not select their own 2nd robot.
    Inspection – We will not have formal inspections, but we will require all robots to adhere to the 2023 rules.
  • Any changes to the 2023 Charged Up game will be announced by August 1st.
  • Workshops – TBA
  • Team social – Looking for sponsors to help! Reach out to if you are interested in helping out with this event opportunity!
Rule Updates – See below

Volunteer Information

We cant do events without the help from our volunteers!

  • Sign up today! Volunteer Registration is OPEN
  • We need help with:
    •  Referees
    • Volunteer food coordinator
    • Queuers
    • Scorers
    • DJ
    • Field assembly/tear down

Sponsorship/Donation Information

Each year we operate on donations from our sponsors and the community.  Here are a few places that we are needing help with.   If you are able to help fill out our Sponsorship Request form and we will reach out to you.

  • Financial Donations – To put on an event like this it requires a significant amount of money to rent the field, protect the flooring of our venues, bring in additional power for our teams and field and food for our 75+ volunteers.
  • Donations – We would love donations!  Check out our Sponsor/Donations request form for items we are currently looking for.

Registered Teams

1339 Anglebotics | 1410 The Kraken | 1619 Up-A-Creek Robotics | 1799 Wired Up! | 1977 The Power Squids | 2036 Black Knights | 2240 Brute Force | 2083 Blitz | 2972 Gears & Buccanears | 2996 Cougars Gone Wired | 3200 Raptacon | 3374 Jackson Hole RoboBroncs | 3729 The Raiders | 4068 Bearbotics | 4293 Team Komodo | 4418 Impulse | 4499 The Highlanders | 4944 The Hi Fives | 4550 Something's Bruin | 5493 SMAbotics_AG | 5933 Judgement Call Robotics | 7485 MoCo Robo |
KCMT Event Photo
Kendrick Castillo Memorial Tournament

KCMT 2023 Rule Changes (props to Chezy Champs for the inspiration) Version 1 - September 5, 2023

KCMT will be played using the rules in the FRC Game manual (link) with the following modifications:

[KCMT1] Event organizers may issue YELLOW and RED CARDS or remove teams from the event without refund for
team member (student, mentor, parent, chaperone, teacher, coach, etc) egregious conduct violations
(including refusal to comply with public health protocols), at the discretion of event organizers.

[KCMT2] No ROBOT INSPECTIONS. Teams are allowed an extra 5 pounds weight for repairs and modifications.
Event organizers may conduct ad-hoc INSPECTIONS at any time; violations identified must be corrected
before the ROBOT can participate in subsequent MATCHES, and teams may be retroactively DISQUALIFIED
from past MATCHES for egregious violations that resulted in a competitive advantage.

[KCMT3] In general, minor violations of game rules that, in the best judgment of the REFEREES, meet ALL of the
below conditions, will not be penalized:

  • Are accidental
  • Do not pose a safety hazard
  • Do not change the difficulty of the game for either ALLIANCE

[KCMT4] The widths of the red & blue tape lines defining the GRID boundaries are increased from 2” to 4” in the
direction towards the field midline.
Rationale: Increase the error margin for GAME PIECES to be considered scored in HYBRID NODES.

[KCMT5] For a CONE or CUBE to be considered scored in a HYBRID NODE, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • Fully contained in the GRID
  • Touching at least one of the following:
    • FIELD carpet
    • A scored GAME PIECE
    • The divider between HYBRID NODES
  • Not fully supported by a single divider between HYBRID NODES

Rationale: Allow “cube bridges” that do not touch the carpet to be counted as scored, but not GAME
PIECES sitting atop a divider.

[KCMT6] The penalty for popping a CUBE is changed to a FOUL per instance. A pattern of such behavior on the part
of a particular ROBOT may still result in a YELLOW CARD at the Head REFEREE’S discretion, in the interest of
preserving the supply of CUBES.
Rationale: The CUBES are fragile and the TECH FOUL penalty is too consequential for rare offenses.

[KCMT7] In order to increase the number of teams participating in Playoff MATCHES the following rules will apply during ALLIANCE Selection

  • 2nd robots will only be eligible for selection after all primary robots/teams have either been selected or have declined an invitation.
  • For ALLIANCE Selection, Alliances may not choose their own 2nd robot.
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