Mentor Training Classroom Submission

Help Colorado FIRST develop our very own Mentor Training Classroom.  We are looking for all levels of FIRST teams to help us.  Do you have some documentation on a great topic?  Do you have something you or your team learned that you could share with the community?  Is your team doing something that would be great to share?  Here are some ideas, but if you have another idea, let us know!  We would like to have this up and running before August 10th!

  • How to start a team?
  • How to organize team leadership?
  • How do I prepare for a tournament?

Program specific

  • Programming help
  • Mechanism help
  • Vision / Localization
  • Safety
  • Award Preparation
  • Outreach ideas

These are just a few ideas, submit your  content today!


  • Mentors of teams can only submit information, 18+ or older
  • Documents/Presentations – Please keep topic specific and not too long
  • Video – Keep how-to videos between 2-5 minutes in length

Share your new ideas!

Mentor Classroom Submissions
Name (Please mentors/coaches only)
Name (Please mentors/coaches only)


Please upload documents as images, PDF or Word documents.

Maximum file size: 268.44MB


Please only submit a link to YouTube/GoogleDrive or another video hosting platform. Please give permissions to download and use your created content. If you have more than 3 videos to submit, fill out another form or email
I certify that I am a mentor for this team and older than 18.
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