KCMT Event Registration- additional robot


KCMT Event registration

  • When – Oct 12 & 13th (Oct. 11th load in time TBD)
  • Where – Regis University, 3333 Regis Dr. Denver, Colorado 80221

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2024 KCMT Event Registration - 2nd robots

Event Information - Weather

This event is set up where the competition field and pits are located in different, unattached buildings without a protective cover. In case of inclement weather, your team agrees to supply any items necessary to protect your robot from the elements.
Bad weather
My team is aware of the possibility of bad weather and will bring supplies to protect our robot.

Alliance Selection

To allow as many teams to participate in eliminations, we will set up additional rules for alliance selections. These rules can change, but
2nd robots
2nd robots will only be eligible for selection after all primary robots/teams have either been selected or have declined an invitation.
ALLIANCE Selection
Alliances may not choose their own 2nd robot.

KCMT Event Registration

This registration is for your team to submit an additional robot.  Currently, we are only accepting registrations for 1 additional robot/team.  If your team would like to submit a 3rd robot, please email  We are prioritizing 1st robots, then 2nd robots.  If we still have space, we can add additional robots.

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