XRP for FRC – not for sale (Lending only)


For more information about the XRP go to Sparkfun.

Educator and FIRST Team Discount Available: SparkFun and its partners are proud to work closely with the education community. We offer a significant discount on the XRP Robotics Platform Kit with an Educator account, including FIRST teams. Please contact to get started.

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The Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP) is a hands-on, comprehensive robotics platform and includes everything needed to build and program a robot to perform beginning through advanced tasks – building the foundation for innovative thinking, science, engineering, and problem solving. The platform provides:

  • Progression from fundamental robotics to driving, line following, using sensors, using a robotic arm, and culminates in building an autonomous delivery robot
  • Coding environment includes Blockly tools/libraries, Python, and the FIRST ® Robotics coding development tool, WPILib
  • Easy-to-assemble hardware kit that can be assembled completely tool free (no soldering, no screws)
  • Online activities and modules that build on one another
  • Content designed for middle and high-school students and beginners
  • Jumping off point for customizing the robot in countless ways

This kit is the hardware arm of the XRP. At the heart of it is the XRP Controller Board, which includes an on-board Raspberry Pi® Pico W featuring the RP2040 microcontroller; low-power accelerometer + gyroscope 6-DoF IMU (LSM6DSOX from STMicroelectronics®); a Qwiic® connector for easy integration of sensors and accessories; two dual-channel motor drivers for four motors total; two servo headers; a momentary button switch; and more. The kit also includes an ultrasonic rangefinder, line follower, two motors with encoders, servo motor, Qwiic cables, chassis and plastic parts, two wheels, two casters, and battery holder. The robot is normally powered by 4xAA batteries (not included in kit), but any supply up to 11V is supported via the barrel connector.

The online modules, accessible at, were developed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) through its OpenSTEM platform and serve as a comprehensive introduction to robotics. The modules and progression of content have been tested with hundreds of users and have been refined to the current form, still in beta. The content offers a fun, engaging experience and asks users in solving real-world robotics challenges.

This kit and the online tools are in beta form – by using the kits now, you will not only be an early adopter, but you will be able to provide feedback to make the platform better.


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