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Want to start a team or have a team that is struggling? Let us know

If you have students, mentors and a space but need more help to get your team started, let us know!  If you are a veteran team and are struggling, let us know! Our grants are given for specific programs and are needs based.  If you do not know if you qualify, fill this form out anyway and we can reach out to see what we can do to help!

We will review requests weekly from September 1st – December 31 2023 and will notify you if we can help or not.  Check back often because we can get additional grants that you could qualify for.  We will try to post any updates on this page for reference.

Grant opportunities right now (1/3/24)  

  • Thanks to the Argosy foundation, we have some funding to help FRC teams in Colorado get started and keep going for the 2024 season. See more details here.
  • Thanks to, we have funding to help FTC teams get started and keep going.
  • Thanks to Arco Murray, we have funding to help FLL Challenge and Explore teams in Colorado get started and keep going.

Please fill out as much as possible so we can have the full picture of your team.  Some grants are very specific as to where their support can be spent, so please understand that we will try to help out as many teams as we can.

Support Request Form

Support Request Form

Coach/Mentor Information

Team Information

Are you a rookie team this season?
How many seasons has your team participated in FIRST?

Student Data

For the following section, we understand that your team roster might fluctuate. Please do your best to provide as accurate information as possible. Choosing to not provide this data will immediately disqualify you from the opportunity to receive support from certain grants.

Program Information

School/Organization Information

Support Request

Support Type (select all that apply)

Itemized Funding Request Upload

Please upload an itemized support request. If you don't know what you need, do not upload anything and we will reach out to help you develop one.

Example    -     Itemized Funding Request Template

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

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