U.S. Engineering Company: Dedicated to Inspiring Students

Colorado FIRST‘s achievements are due to the generous backing of sponsors such as U.S. Engineering Company Holdings. Demonstrating a steadfast dedication to nurturing innovation and education, U.S. Engineering has emerged as an indispensable ally in Colorado FIRST‘s endeavor to empower students through robotics and STEM initiatives.

U.S. Engineering Company Holdings (USE) is the parent company for several operating companies in the mechanical construction and service industries. The company designs, manufactures, builds and maintains mechanical systems like HVAC, plumbing, and piping systems for the largest and most complex buildings in the U.S.  

USE’s largest customers are Fortune 5 technology companies for whom they help build hyper-scale data centers.  The company also constructs facilities like bio-security laboratories for animal disease research, high-tech clean rooms for manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and more common buildings like schools and airports. USE plays a vital role in shaping the infrastructure of the future.

A Personal Connection to Colorado FIRST

USE’s sponsorship of Colorado FIRST was initiated through a personal connection that Tim Moormeier, President of U.S. Engineering Company Holdings, had with the program, having mentored his son’s FIRST team and witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of FIRST robotics on students. 

At the end of his son’s first year in FIRST, Tim attended the end-of-year awards banquet, where each senior spoke about what they personally got out of their experience with FIRST Robotics.  Listening to those speeches hooked Tim on the program, and he has been involved ever since.  Tim was a high school mentor for many years and was offered the chance to participate in his hometown’s FIRST Robotics Kansas City Board. Tim also joined the board of the Kansas City STEM Alliance, which runs FIRST Robotics and Project Lead the Way programs in the Kansas City region.  After becoming involved in the Kansas City FIRST program, he sought out opportunities in Denver because USE has a large presence in Colorado. 

Future Employees

Tim recognizes the striking parallels between his company’s work and the preparation process of a FIRST team for competition. USE team members are engaged in designing complex systems virtually on computer systems, manufacturing intricate assemblies, delivering them to buildings, and installing them; a similar process that a FIRST team uses when preparing for a robotics competition! Tim has found that students who participate on a FIRST team are ideal candidates for future employment opportunities with U.S. Engineering Company Holdings. 

A Valued Connection

With a longstanding presence in the Rocky Mountain region spanning over five decades, USE has observed that its most promising recruits often hail from local communities. These individuals typically have deep-rooted ties to the area and are likelier to remain as adults. While USE primarily sponsors teams in the northern Colorado area near its Johnstown manufacturing facility, it also extends support to a team in central Denver. These partnerships hold significant importance for the company as it strives to ensure that students residing in the communities where USE operates have access to invaluable programs like Colorado FIRST.

Support Through Volunteering

The partnership between U.S. Engineering and Colorado FIRST extends beyond financial support. Several employees actively volunteer as mentors for teams and participate in various events and competitions. U.S. Engineering’s manufacturing facilities in Johnstown, CO, and Lawrence, KS, have also provided invaluable assistance to teams by fabricating custom parts, demonstrating their commitment to empowering students and fostering a culture of innovation.

Final Thoughts

Tim Moormeier encourages students participating in FIRST to consider careers in industries aligned with their interests in design and engineering. He also invites companies not yet involved in FIRST to explore the program and witness its impact firsthand; Tim guarantees you will be impressed! 

In conclusion, U.S. Engineering Company Holdings’ partnership with Colorado FIRST exemplifies a shared commitment to promoting STEM education and empowering students to pursue careers in engineering and technology. Through its sponsorship and active involvement, U.S. Engineering continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and communities across Colorado, laying the foundation for a brighter and more innovative future.

Contact Colorado FIRST if you would like more information on becoming a sponsor.

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