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FIRST is truly a volunteer driven organization. With close to 27,000 teams in four programs worldwide, it takes a large and diverse group of volunteers to make FIRST successful; Mentors and Coaches guide the kids on their teams, Event Volunteers make the hundreds of seasonal events possible and field volunteers continue to help FIRST grow season after season.

Whether you have four hours on a weekend to help, want to mentor for a length of time, have technical or non-technical expertise, there is a volunteer role suited to your unique interest.

Become a FIRST volunteer and you’ll find a community of like-minded, dedicated individuals and a sense of camaraderie, excitement, and joy while working For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST).

We need your help!  Here are some roles that we are looking to fill for our 2024-2025 season.  

See our events page here to see upcoming event dates

Regional State Volunteer Coordinator  (FIRST LEGO League Challenge / FIRST Tech Challenge)

What is a Regional Volunteer Coordinator? The state Regional Volunteer Coordinator is someone who will work with all event Volunteer Coordinators to fill event volunteer roles, teach event VC’s how to use the Volunteer Management Software for assigning volunteers in an event and reach out to the community to recruit volunteers for upcoming events. 

Prerequisite: Minimum Age Requirement: 21 

Time commitment – Weekly virtual meetings during the season and training sessions for VMS. 

Event Volunteer Coordinator (FIRST LEGO League Challenge / FIRST Tech Challenge) 

A Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for 

  • Pre-event support 
  • Fill the required roles necessary to run the event, or work with the state VC to get roles filled. 
  • Walk volunteers through registering with FIRST HQ and management of a Volunteer Management System software that contains role assignments, event information and certifications. 
  • Verify that volunteers have completed necessary training supplied by FIRST HQ. 
  • onsite management of event-day volunteers 
  •  including setting up registration for volunteers, managing any walk-on volunteers, and problem-solving.  
  • Work closely with the Tournament Director/Event Admin and venue on all volunteer logistics, including pre-event planning and communication. 

Prerequisite: Minimum Age Requirement: 21 

Time commitment – Weekly virtual meetings during the season and training sessions for VMS, recruitment for events. 


Tournament Director (FIRST LEGO League Challenge / FIRST Tech Challenge)

Key Volunteer Role. -Oversees all aspects of the tournament and reports to the region’s FIRST LEGO League PDP. Items for running a tournament are, but not limited to: 

  • Selecting Key Volunteers for their tournament (Judge Advisor, Head Referee, Volunteer Coordinator, AV, Scorekeeper) 
  • Detailing the tournament schedule from templates provided 
  • Communicating with team Coaches registered for their tournament 
  • Communication/Key contact with Coaches of hosting FRC and FTC teams for volunteer support staff. Once confirmed, staffing is done between Volunteer Coordinator and Team Coaches 
  • Confirmation of venue available spaces/rooms, tables, chairs, building access, AV, scoring tablets or laptops 
  • Final edit of tournament Program and PowerPoint from templates provided from Colorado FIRST 
  • Coordination of any venue special guests and speakers 
  • Attend regular meetings with Colorado FIRST Program Delivery Partner and Events Manager for materials, training, and logistics 
  • Time Required – weekly meetings from Sept-Dec with event planning/PDP, for event day before set up and full event day with clean up. 

Prerequisite: Minimum Age Requirement: 21 

Judge ((FIRST LEGO League Challenge / FIRST Tech Challenge / FIRST Robotics Competition)

  • Interview and observe teams together with other judges in the same judging group, also known as the judging pod, using the FIRST  event rubrics.  
  • Serve as a mentor and role model for the team members, motivating them with useful feedback.  
  • Participates in deliberation process and as needed, in writing short awards scripts extolling merits of winning teams.  
  • Assists with closing ceremony in recognition of and award presentations to the teams. 
  • Time required – pre-event day virtual training and virtual meeting, event day arrive by 7:30am and finish by 4:00-5:00.   (FRC requires a 2 full day onsite requirement)

 Prerequisite: No experience needed

Minimum Age Requirement: 15, 18 preferred  (For FRC 21+ is preferred)

Volunteering as a Mentor

Volunteering at an Event

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